Rock Ceramics: Terrazzo Restoration

Below are some photos of previous terrazzo replacements which we were asked to rectify.

The photos show a detailed description of faulty terrazzo installation.

Where the joints are filled with a resin.

This does not give the correct joint infill for a solid floor. This in time will deteriorate and will need replacing in a correct way at more cost to the client.

As these show, the resin Has not filled the entire joint system, which in time will depreciate the tiles life span by some considerable time.

As well to faulty joint system they also had a fault in the bedding of the tile. Once the screed bed has been set out to the correct depth leaving no voids a cement slurry is placed, covering 80-100% of the screed for the terrazzo to bond to the screed. In these photos you can see that no slurry was used which also added to the weakness of the tile.

This area was laid in the wrong method & only lasted 8 months.

As a rule Terrazzo joint systems should be cement filled, mixed to the correct consistency and applied with applicators. The cement grout should then fill up all joints as well as filling any areas under the tile to give 100% bond to the screed.

Terrazzo in general will have a long life span, When installed in the correct manner & well maintained.




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From the Italian word for terraces, was created several hundred years ago in north eastern Italy "FRIULI" when Venetian workers discovered a new use for discarded marble remnants. Since that time, it has become a logical, practical solution for contemporary design and construction. in the last 40 years It is probably the most widely used product of all hard floorings,Due to its high sheen, uniform finish and hard wearing attributes it has become very popular you will see it everywhere from  hotels, supermarkets, airports and railway  stations.Terrazzo is  cement and marble/granite chippings.Compressed,left to set then Ground and polished to expose the beauty of its natural aggregate.


Marble .

 A recrystallized limestone that formed when the limestone softened from heat and pressure and recrystallized into marble where mineral changes occurred. The main consistency is calcium and dolomite. Ranges in many colours and is usually heavily veined and shows lots of grains.As shown by pictures below.


Natural Stones

Natural stone floors offer a distinct and beautiful alternative to your flooring choices. Because stone is a natural product, each stone has it own unique visual appearance. The colour of a natural stone tile goes all the way through. Used for centuries, marble, granite, slate and travertine natural stone is beautiful, durable and thoroughly unique.



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