Rock Ceramics Terrazzo Restoration


Providing a service in the conservation & Restoration of Great Britain’s Heritage

We have 24 years experience as specialist in Terrazzo flooring Restoration. We have a variety of experience in every aspect Terrazzo.

From basic tile replacement to detailed in-situ flooring on all site environments from residential sites to larger commercial sites

ROCK CERAMICS specialise in all aspects of Terrazzo tiling.

From new to restoration work, we also provide a service to maintain the terrazzo floor to a high standard,

From the basic Chemical clean to Diamond polishing

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Natural Stone products.

We are trained to a high standard as a Terrazzo contractor.With the emphasis in Quality. Cleanliness,Reliability, Site Safety Awareness.


Aim to exceed the expectations of our clients wherever possible.To ensure our high standards are met at all times with the job in hand and with our clients,We are a terrazzo contractor that maintains a friendly approach & to respect the clients property & work hygienically and safely.We are only too aware of the need to protect surrounding fixtures & fittings from the effects of working in the vicinity.Also the need for the client to go about their business with minimal disruption.When working out of hours we always ensure that by the start of the next days trading the area is left 

 Clean, Safe and Free of any signs of disruption.

P.U.W.E.R. certified


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